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Reconnect to Creativity

A Free course to help you reconnect to your creativity and exercise your imagination.

Free Community

The Community is a worldwide community of people who want to grow their skills in creative expression.

We range from hobbyists to professionals and novices to experts, and we practice in various disciplines including sketchnoting, bullet journaling, drawing, calligraphy, and more!

Drawing for Non-Arists

A free course coming soon!

What Real Students Say

These activities were all very challenging for me. Your activities were great at getting me to accept what I had to offer. They stretched me a lot! Thank you.

– Jennilyn S.

Practice makes better and this class gave me a great chance to have some guided practice in one of my favorite things to dabble in… sketchnoting. Emily Mills teaches so many tricks and tips that it inspires you to get going and keep going.

Emily Mills is so effective in teaching and modeling how easy it is to start your sketchnote journey.

-Roger D.

The lessons were so simple that my sixty-five year old imagination was stalled a bit…  Once I started doodling on the pages, my brain began to activate, and shapes began to take on imaginary forms. It was fun. Each exercise is like a game.  I am doing these lessons in order to help me make the kinds of journals my grandchildren will adore.

– Laurel T.

I love this course so much. And I exceeded my expectations with the exercises. They were fun and helpful. Thank you!

– Leslie C.

I appreciated how the “Sketchnote Your Goals” workshop built my sketchnoting skills, but also helped me think through steps to meet a concrete goal. I’m excited to have this document to refer to all year long!

Meet the Founder

Hey there, creator! My name is Emily Mills and I’m a professional illustrator based in Bend, OR. I’m most known for my live event illustration work and my best-selling book, The Art of Visual Notetaking. I started teaching sketchnoting via in-person workshops in 2017 and soon discovered there was a wold-wide desire to learn! I moved my workshops online and expanded from sketchnoting to include other kinds of creative classes.

Whether you’re taking a live workshop, enrolling in an online course, or downloading a resource, my goal is to help you reconnect with your creativity and help you grow in confidence in your creative expression.

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5 Truths About Sketchnoting

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What to do with white space?

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