Christmas Gift Guide for Sketchnoters

​This Christmas Gift Guide is sure to please the sketchnote lover in your life… even if it’s yourself! Take a look:

Book Light | $13.95

There’s nothing more disappointing than showing up to an event ready to sketchnote, only to discover that room is too dark to see your notebook. This compact, rechargeable book light provides just enough light to help you get the job done and won’t disturb anyone around you.


Click Erasers |  $3.97

These click erasers should be a staple in every sketchnoter’s tool bag. Erase your pencil guide lines, portrait sketches, and notes-to-self quickly. Bones: These erasers don’t get dirty! Don’t you hate smudging your page with a dirty eraser?!


Etchr field case | $57

This is one of the coolest pen/tool carriers I’ve seen. It’s vegan, weatherproof, Australian made, and has a 2 year warranty. It’s pricey, but it seems worth the investment to me. The features are too many to list here so check out the link! Bonus: fit your Field Notes inside!


Field Notes 3 pack | $9.95

Speaking of Field Notes… These small notebooks are perfect for tucking away in a wallet or purse, enabling you to draw and write on the go! Choose from dot, graph, lined, or blank pages.


Note Cube | $11.95

This stack of non-sticky notes is perfect for quick drawings and notes. The square format makes it social-media friendly, too- no cropping needed!


Draw Something pin | $10.75

Share your love of drawing with the world by sporting this cool enamel pin. This is a great conversation starter, too!


Lorna Scobie: 365 days of drawing  | $13.38 

Begin your habit of daily drawing with this interactive book from illustrator Lorna Scobie. Each day has a different, interesting exercise to get you putting pen to paper every day.



Telestrations (8 players) | $29.99

This telephone pictionary game is great fun in groups, and drawing skills are not required. In fact, the game gets funny quickly with bad drawings! If you love laughing, this game is for you.


Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.