Exercise 001: Master The Basics

If you think you can’t draw anything, that’s your first problem: you’re lying to yourself. Everyone can draw. Yes, even you there shaking your head. You might not feel confident about drawing, but we all have to start somewhere, right? For this exercise, we’re starting at the beginning with the basics: dots, lines, and shapes.
dots, lines, shapes
Dots:  A dot is single point on a page, like putting a pen down on paper. Use a lot of dots together for shading and texture, and space them out in a gradient for smooth transitions. Lines: A line is a dot that got extended out in a direction, like a pen put down on paper, then moved. Lines can be straight, curvy, or crooked. They can be parallel, perpendicular, and overlap. Shapes:  A shape is a line that came back to its point of origin to become enclosed. They can be curvy or straight, solid (filled), or empty. Now let’s see you create your own drawings using your imagination and dots, lines, and shapes! Remember, keep it simple. Go for recognizable over realistic. Exercise: In your notebook or on a piece of paper, draw the following objects using only dots, lines, and shapes. A few are pictured below to get you started, but be sure come up with your own version of each object.
car, award
  1. Car
  2. Award
  3. Lawnmower
  4. Lightbulb
  5. Chair
  6. Taco
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Flower
  9. Backback/bag
  10. Dog

Once you’ve done the exercise, post your work on Instagram or Twitter and use #SketchnoteAcademy so myself and others can see your drawings. I really do love seeing everyone’s different ideas and creativity, so don’t be shy!