How to Draw Arrows

When you draw arrows, are they always messy, crooked, disconnected or uneven? With this quick drawing tip, you’ll be able to draw perfect, even arrows every time.

Watch the video above for the demonstration.

Step 1: First, draw 2 parallel lines

Step 2: Next, draw a small dot centered between the parallel lines, but out to one side. You can make it as close or far as you want.

Step 3: Next, draw two perpendicular lines at the “dot” ends of the lines you just made. They can be as short or long as you want, but make sure they’re exactly the same length.

Step 4: Last, connect the ends of the lines you just drew to the dot. Boom! Perfectly even arrow.

To draw an ultra-simple arrow, just draw the top of a triangle. You can also fill it in to make a thicker arrow.

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