No Regrets Course Pricing

Have you ever bought something only to have it go on sale afterwards?


A few years ago, a friend of mine bought a software program online. He was really happy with the purchase and thought it was well worth the money! But, just a few weeks later, the company gave the same program away for free. My friend was furious! The program was definitely worth what he paid, but the company made him feel like a chump for paying for it when they were giving it away. When he asked them for a refund, they said no!

I can’t stand when this happens, and I’m sure you hate it too… and I have good news:

You will never experience this at Sketchnote Academy!

If a course or resource is offered at a price, it is the best price.

  • There are no introductory rates.
  • There are no earlybird prices.
  • There are no discounts.
  • There are no coupons.
  • There are no specials.
  • There are no holiday promotions.

If a price changes at all, it will be an increase to reflect added value like course updates or new additions.

So, what does all this mean for you?

  1. No regrets! You can be confident the price you pay for anything on is always the best rate. You won’t discover a better rate after purchasing.

  2. No need to wait. No need to wait for holidays or obscure promotions for a discount. Enroll in a course whenever you want to whether it’s Black Friday or a random Tuesday.
  3. No Pressure or FOMO. No more “Fear of Missing Out!” You won’t be pressured to buy “before carts close” or “before the price increases at midnight.”

So, check out the courses and resources available! You know you’re getting the best price every time you look. 🙂