Part 2: Sketchnoter Types and Page Size

Where do you fall on the spectrum of sketchnoting above?

  • Under-capture: You feel like you don’t write or draw enough. You might feel left behind or rushed. You consistently have trouble filling pages.
  • Balanced Capture: You feel like you can write and draw enough to fill a canvas without much issue.
  • Over-capture: You write and draw too much. You often feel rushed because you’re so busy trying to capture it all.

If you find yourself in the under- or over-capturing areas, there’s hope for you!

Think back to your school days and think about your notetaking habits. Were you a ferocious notetaker, hoping to capture every detail so you’d be prepared for tests? Or did you mostly enjoy listening and watching, only writing a few things down? How much you write and draw is often a natural habit that has carried over from school days… and it’s hard to change.

Instead of changing your natural writing/drawing pace, instead focus on this one factor:

Your Paper size!



If you under-capture, get your default sketchbook out. What size it is? Try going down few sizes or using a different type altogether. If you under-capture, you should try small sketchbooks and see how it goes! Filling a page will feel more doable, your confidence will grow, and you’ll likely have more fun. I personally like these Moleskine pocket sketchbooks


You don’t necessarily have to change your personal capturing style just because you run out of room…. just find ways to make more room for yourself! If you over-capture, get your default sketchbook out. What size it is? If you’re using a pocket notebook or a sketchbook that’s about a half-sheet of standard letter or a4 paper… what’s stopping you from going larger? Have you considered a full-size sketchbook? If you are already using the largest paper size available… have you thought about graphic recording or larger paper or foam board? Or switching to a tablet program with an infinite canvas? Make your canvas work for you!