“How am I ever going to find time to sketchnote?”

How am I ever going to find time to sketchnote?” 

“I like sketchnoting but don’t ever think to practice it regularly.”

“I want to get better at sketchnoting but I don’t go to conferences often.”

I hope none of these sentences are things you’ve said… if so, it’s means you’ve fallen into a trap! 

Sketchnoting isn’t something you can get better at without intentionally practicing it… no progress without practice.

“Finding time” to sketchnote is a fool’s errand in the 21st century… we are REALLY good at filling up our time with everything but the stuff we need to do, like laundry, cleaning the kitchen, dusting the baseboards and… yes, even sketchnoting. 

Instead of hoping you have the opportunity, MAKE the opportunity! Schedule time in your day or week to practice sketchnoting. Here are some tips for success: 

1. Make it consistent

Don’t practice on a Monday night, then a Thursday at lunch, then Sunday during nap time. Try to consistently sketch at the same time each day to help build you habit. It might help to “pin” your sketchnoting onto another similar habit or ritual. If you have a morning quiet time, maybe tack it on there so it becomes part of an existing morning routine. 

2. Start simple

Start small with a post-it note, notecard, or pocket journal. A small sketchnote is easy to complete and will help you gain momentum, plus you’ll feel accomplished! The small size might also be a fun creative constraint for you. 

3. Make it fun

Author Jon Acuff says “Make it fun if you want it done” and that’s true for sketchnoting! Practice with content you like and care about. Make a sketch about your favorite things (TV shows, podcasts, food, people, vacations), or about a cause you care about. 

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