World Sketchnote Day 2024

World Sketchnote Day is on January 11th every year. The sketchnoting community comes together to celebrate sketchnoting, practice it, and invite newbies in to try it! We’re moving the January Monthly Hangout to coincide on the same day so we can all celebrate and practice together, creating individual sketchnotes we can share to help celebrate the day together.

Jan 11th | 9:30 -10:30 am pacific

What we’re doing:

I’ll be teaching you how to make a sketchnote about sketchnoting! You can do whatever you want to make it relevant for you… What is sketchnoting? How did you get started? How have you grown? What are your favorite teachers, tools, or resources? Where do you want sketchnoting to take you? Come prepared with your analog tools or tablets!

When you share you final sketchnotes online, don’t forget to use the hashtag #WSDay2024 or #worldsketchnoteday! You can also mention @SketchnoteArmy (who started World Sketchnote Day) or me, @SketchAcademy (so I can find your post!)

“How do I join this event?”

The monthly hangout is a free event for all community members. Join the free community here, then go to the “monthly hangout” topic to get the zoom link. 

Here are video instructions on how to find the zoom link in the Community for the Monthly Hangout.


Learn more about World Sketchnote Day here.